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Did some simple drawing in a Mini Micro pixel display.

Required Evidence

Screen shot of required program

Write a program to draw the figure shown in the details below. Upload a screen shot. Note that the exact size and placement of your figure is not critical, as long as it demonstrates the basic idea. More Info

Badge Overview

Mini Micro is a free virtual home computer based on MiniScript.  You can download it at, and also find the very important Mini Micro Cheat Sheet ( there as well.

Get Mini Micro, and use it to create a program that:
  1. clears the screen
  2. draws a big purple square in the default pixel display (you can refer to this in your code as gfx)
  3. draws a big yellow circle over the square
Run the program, and take a screen shot.  It should look something like this:

Submit your screen shot to earn this badge!

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Davi Viana


Badge awarded on 1/3/20

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