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Demonstrated advanced mastery of PixelDisplay by creating a two-level starfield with parallax scrolling.

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Submit your "parallax starfield" program

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Badge Overview

Parallax scrolling is a common animation trick that produces an illusion of depth by having different layers of graphics scrolling at different rates.  The more slowly-moving layers appear to be further away.  For this badge, you're going to use this trick to create a parallax-scrolling starfield.
Create a Mini Micro program that does the following:
  1. Sets display(6) to pixel mode in addition to the standard display(5). 
  2. Clears both displays to color.clear, with a size of 960 pixels wide and 1280 (i.e. 640*2) pixels high.
  3. Defines a function to draw 500 randomly-colored stars on a given display, using setPixel.
  4. Uses that function to draw stars on both display(5) and display(6).
  5. Enters an infinite loop which (a) scrolls display 5 in Y by 2 pixels, wrapping back to 0 at 640; (b) scrolls display 6 by 1 pixel, also wrapping at 640; and (c) yields.
When run, you should see two different layers of stars, scrolling down the screen at different rates.  Submit your program to earn this prestigious badge!

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