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Model Citizen Public

Future-Ready Teachers

It's the key to the digital city(zenship)! This badge is awarded to teachers who emphasize and model the concept of #digcit.

Required Evidence

The key to digital citizenship is...

Describe what you are doing in your classroom to help students become responsible digital citizens. More Info

Be the best example you can

Show us how you're modeling the digital presence you're asking your students to strive for. Link to one of your social media profiles or blog page here. More Info

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Badge Experts


Abir Ghenaiet


Badge awarded on 5/13/20

Jessica Lemmo


Badge awarded on 3/26/18

Badge Learners


Beth White


Joined badge on 1/18/19

Karen Damato


Joined badge on 7/17/20

Kristine Woods


Joined badge on 6/26/20

Morgan Gumbert


Joined badge on 6/1/20

Victoria baba


Joined badge on 6/8/20