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To qualify for this badge, please identify at least one resource for each of the following: video editing, podcasting, and student blogging (that's three total products or websites).

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Talkshoe for podcasting. Edublog for student blogging. iMovie for video edits. They're free and user friendly.

For podcasting, I choose Talkshoe. It is an extremely easy and free tool for students to understand and use.Best of all, anyone can participate in your podcast in a variety of different ways. Edublog for student blogging. It contains some really good resources for teachers as well. For video editing I use iMovie. It is great for students who are new to this type of technology.
Small 34938d4e639a207fa1ff82e1fe82cbf5 jamielee22 4 months ago

My evidence

The following resources are ones I have used with my students or have used to create content for my students. VIDEO EDITING- for video editing, I use This site not only allows me to create video content but I can also edit together videos I have previously made. PODCASTING- I have used PInna. This site is great for engaging and thought provoking content. It's classroom friendly and easy for the students to navigate.  For student blogging, I liek to use My stud nets have found this site easy to use and enjoy creating blogs not only from the classroom but from home as well, 
Small 96712ece7de02ae2e73c22a535f1f458 shbell 9 months ago

3 digital media resources

Video editing: - Powtoon is a little different from traditional video editing because it allows you to make animated cartoon slideshows.  I used it recently to create a video for graduate school about the importance of hiring a diverse faculty to mirror the diversity of the school's student body.  You drag and drop characters and props into a timeline with scenes and then Powtoon sews it all together into a video.

Podcasting: - I have never created a podcast before and found podbean, which allows you to upload audio files and "package" them as podcast episodes.  It's very easy to use and allows you to upload and store up to 5 hours of audio for free.

Blogging: - This was an opportunity to re-discover this blogging site devoted exclusively for education.  I started using it to blog about 10 years ago but let it go after a year or two.  It's got all the standard Wordpress features and allows teachers to set up blogs for an entire class of students.  
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Three tools to showcase student voice.

For video editing students can use iMovie, which is a free application already available on Apple computers.  For podcasting, students can use Anchor, which is owned by Spotify, and it can be used on any device. For blogging, students can use the website Weebly. 
Small 7a2370ed6f06efd12c237345b91c426b michelle82 Over 1 year ago

FREE amazing resources to use (with fairly quick start-up time) in the high school classroom!

Video Editing
It's free and recommended by CommonSense. I like it because students can collaborate when making a video.

It's free and easy to use. It has awesome features and allows you to record up to 15 minutes daily AND keep 5 hours in storage.

Student Blogging
The possibilities of a free account are fantastic: ad-free, student safe, mobile friendly, full privacy options, 250+ themes, plus student management for students. 
Small unnamed heather-haunert Over 1 year ago

My Picks

My pick for online video editing is Binumi (  This is an excellent video editing website for both teachers and students.  Two things set it apart from other editing sites.  Firstly, it has a library of more than three million videos, images, and audio files.  Secondly, students are able to upload their own videos in addition to Binumi's library of child-safe and copyright-friendly files.  Students are able to make completed videos private or public and can share with Binumi or via social media, including Youtube.  The site is mostly free but some options are only available for a paid subscription.  This site will work best for 4th through 12th grade.

For postcasing, I choose GarageBand.  Not only can you record voiceovers but you can also create interesting podcasts through the use of additional musical elements. It's easy to use and students love it.  This is recommended for grades 3 through 12.

Finally, for student blogging, I pick Edublogs.  This is a great tool because you can set up individual student accounts in a single blog.  This creates a community of bloggers.  You can also set up individual blogs for students, thus creating a student network.  This is also a great tool to use with parent communication of what is happening in the classroom.  The only drawback is that some pro features are only available through a paid subscription.

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  • Podcast: (web tool that converts a text into an audio file.  Only two steps: type or copy/paste the text you want as a podcast in the box provided on the website and hit create mp3)
  • Video: (easy to use for students)
  • Blogging: ;
Small img 0002 mrslemmo Almost 3 years ago

Audacity for Podcast Recording

Audacity is a great free software to use to record audio. I love that it is free and supported on both mac and windows. 
Students could use this at home or in class to record podcasts about books they've read, something interesting they have found about science or social studies or just chat about topics that interest them. 
They can share these with the teacher, their class, and their family. 

Small photo kari-shaffer Over 3 years ago

This is my favorite blog site for students and has been for years. Whereas it used to be free, there is now a fee required for a teacher account. 
I love this site because it a safe way to teach and introduce students to the blogging world. 
Students love it as they feel empowered with their own space to share ideas and writing. 
The settings can be changed so that the audience is the whole school, just their class, one other class, or other schools across the nation. 
It is also supportive of google drive documents and very teacher/student friendly. 
Small photo kari-shaffer Over 3 years ago
Although it is not free, this is a great resource to get K-12 students interested and used to video editing. 
What I like about it is that it is user friendly, safe and in line with software that students will encounter as they grow older. 
Small photo kari-shaffer Over 3 years ago