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How did the use of this resource aid your instructional approach? Did you encounter any obstacles along the way? Share a brief reflection here.

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Remote learning? No legos in the house? Try this....

During our remote learning lesson introducing volume to 5th graders, I didn't have the physical access to students and they didn't have physical access to hands on manipulative items. We did the next best thing, and used the online resource to play, explore, and build to gain understanding of the relationship between the volume of a rectangular prism and its length, depth, and height.
Most students were able to discover the multiplicative relationship after playing around a while, some are going to need the concrete tools to truly get this- so I'll put baggies of cubes outside the classroom for parents to swing by and pick up before intervention lesson.
Overall, the site provided an excellent tool to move students from representational understanding to abstract in a very short period of time. Highly recommended.
Small unnamed april-robinson 20 days ago

Research Made More Simplistic

Students were able to get into Pebble Go and research an insect they wanted to know more about. The device read the information to my struggling readers and gave excellent visuals to enhance their understanding. 
Small photo christina-merta About 2 years ago

Videos with embedded questions allow students to work at own pace and make its more interactive. Helps reinforce accountability.

Small img 0002 mrslemmo Over 2 years ago

This resource is by far one of the most helpful to teach reading in the Cyber School environment.

This resource is by far one of the most helpful to teach reading in the Cyber School environment. I have used the leveled readers in both whole group lessons, and small group intervention lessons. The site is also full of other lesson plans, games, and activities to use with students. Along with pulling  materials to use in my lessons, students go on independently and interact with the readers. They can read them, or listen along, and then they answer comprehension questions. It is a great tool for helping students improve comprehension and allowing teachers to collect and view resulting data. I have not encountered any obstacles with this site or its resources. 
Small photo kari-shaffer About 3 years ago

This VR made my lesson better because students were able to view the ruins of Ancient Civilizations & complete checks for understanding

During our final lesson, we introduce the ancient civilizations of South America through a Scavenger Hunt. The Scavenger Hunt that was housed in my room was a VR trip to the ruins of the Mayas, Aztecs and Incan people. There were several checks for understanding embedded in the trip, which allowed for group collaboration. 
Small headshot 20image emily-kress About 3 years ago