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How has badging impacted learning in your experience? Would you recommend badging to other teachers? Share these and other reflections here.

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This is exactly what our coaching staff was looking for to bring some excitement and competition to our professional development.

As an instructional coach, I am very interested in adding incentives for classroom teachers and staff who complete professional development on their own.  We are wanting to add some fun and competition to what can sometimes be a boring necessity of teaching.  Looking for new ways to reach everyone, we have decided to try adding a badging system to what we are already doing.  During this time of COVID, it is especially necessary for teachers to do virtual trainings.  We thought this can be a good way to digitally reward staff for their work.
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Digital Badging allows multiple pathways to gain and represent knowledge in the way that works best for the learner.

Digital Badging is very motivating and could encourage teachers to demonstrate areas of expertise.  Once a learner experiences the badging cycle, they may be motivated to create a student badge based on one of their current rubrics.  Digital Badging could supplement current staff PD and student assessment.
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It helps build morale, excitement, gamification, sense of ownership, and more

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Highly recommend badging to other teachers and administrators and district level (esp. PD).
Badging’s impact on learning is positive, enables learners to exercise intrinsic learning without any penalty (grades), and allows others outside (community) school to SEE what a learner has accomplished.
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Why to Badge

Batching adds another level of reason to gain competency. The little elements required as evidence adds a gamification component. When the badges are selected to engage the 4 different gamers, engagement and excitement increases.
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