Spreadsheet Wizard 1 Private

Del Lago Academy

You can properly format data tables and calculate averages.

Required Evidence


Pick and reflect on an artifact that illustrates the strategies you used to be successful in a task. More Info


Pick and reflect on an artifact that proves you have the skills, knowledge, and dispositions More Info

Metacognitive Reflection

Write a reflection that explains how learning the skills, knowledge, and dispositions in this badge make you a better practicing scientist. More Info

Badge Overview


You can :
  • Enter multiple data points into an excel spreadsheet.
  • Adjust decimal to report consistent and appropriate significant figures.
  • Use headings to describe variables and units.
  • Calculate an average using the =mean(*:*) function.

Why Earn This Badge?

Being able to compile and represent data is a highly sought after skill no matter what industry you are working in. Excel is one of the most commonly used tools for this task and will greatly set you apart from other applicants in the job market. It will also put you ahead of the curve in future courses in high school and college. 

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Badge Designers: http://www.competencyx.com  

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Sarah Kapin   

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