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Safety is more than just avoiding injuries in the laboratory or the workplace. It’s about ensuring you deliver reliable results.

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Badge Overview


You can :
  • Find safety information for a given reagent using SDS and reagent labels.
  • Choose appropriate PPE, storage, and work area for a given reagent based on SDS and reagent labels.
  • Evaluate lab spaces for safety and compliance.

Why Earn This Badge?

In science research, educational, and industrial labs safety is of critical importance for all people involved.  A safe environment not only protects those working in the area but also future consumers of products or medications.  Safe work environments assist in keeping the natural environment healthy in that knowledge of what is being used allows for proper storage and disposal.  Knowledge of the substances that one is using and how they should be used and maintained is essential in many other situations too. Food preparation, vehicle mechanics, and many other workplaces require knowledge of material safety. 

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