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Optimize a protocol from a classroom experiment and/or write a laboratory report that is used to produce a writing piece that is published

Required Evidence


Pick and reflect on an artifact that illustrates the strategies you used to be successful in a task. More Info


Pick and reflect on an artifact that proves you have the skills, knowledge, and dispositions represented by the badge. More Info

Metacognitive Reflection

Write a reflection that explains how learning the skills, knowledge, and dispositions in this badge make you a better practicing scientist. More Info

Badge Overview


You can : 
  • Contribute to a written piece of literature for a protocol or experiment that is submitted to a science or science education journal for publication.

Why Earn This Badge?

Science is about more than just asking and answering questions on natural phenomena.  Scientists must also communicate their findings to both an audience within their field and out of their field.  This badge demonstrates that you can behave like a scientist to optimize a protocol used in a science education setting and can publish your findings.  You can consider this our "top" badge at Del Lago Academy.

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