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Badge holders have demonstrated a working understanding of the Workbox service worker Javscript library.

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You should definitely complete the PWA badge ( before starting this one. A key part of PWAs is quick load times. The primary way that those are achieved is with a service worker cache system. Workbox is a well designed Javascript library which makes using a service worker cache much much simpler.

Note: Badge List's workbox implementation is not quite perfect yet. It works fine, but the cache invalidation messages don't pop up in all situations like they should. But the bones are there, which is the important thing, because changing around your service worker implementation in a production app can have super wonky consequences (like having the site show up blank for certain users until they do a hard refresh). It's the type of thing that you kind of want to get right the first time and then iterate. We've done it right, but the iterate part is still pending.

How to earn this badge

  1. Learn about the Workbox library. Refer to #Learning-Resources to get started.
  2. Solve the #Challenge
  3. Post the resources which were helpful in your own learning journey back to #Learning-Resources
  4. Request feedback

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Guensie Grecy


Badge awarded on 1/18/19

Juan Ochoa


Badge awarded on 2/1/19

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