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Share the learning resources which were the most useful to you during your process.

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Udemy course

Complete Developers Guide: Ruby on Rails and React with Redux
Small 97c3b603151b93219e97d417875a1bef sunithabl 7 months ago

Github repository of Coding Bootcamp LeWagon, most of my learning experience in Ruby and RoR has come from this course and their repository.


Le Wagon

Coding School bringing Technical Skills to Creative People - Le Wagon
Small vesperbell cpr About 1 year ago

This one the resources i used for learned how to make a user profile

Stack Overflow

How to create a profile for devise user?

I'm new to rails and trying to create a profile for devise users when they signup, using nested form in devise signup. I've gone through Creating Profile for Devise users, Profile model for Devise
Small couentine couentine Over 1 year ago