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Badge holders demonstrated a working understanding of the Ruby on Rails framework.

Required Evidence

Code Samples

Share some sample code that you've written from scratch that demonstrates the work you've done in rails. With each sample, be sure to include a brief explanation of the problems being solved and the design process you went through. More Info

Learning Resources

Share the learning resources which were the most useful to you during your process. More Info

Badge Overview

How to earn this badge

This is badge is a work in progress. Ruby on Rails is a massive topic and eventually we will probably want to have a training pathway to help folks learn it. But for now this is more of a summary badge.

The goal of this badge is for you to share your learning story (in #Learning-Resources) and some examples of your work (in #Code-Samples). Once you've done that you're ready to request feedback.

Badge Experts


Christophe Alain Pagnusatt Rochester


Badge awarded on 6/30/19

Micah Monticello


Badge awarded on 12/13/19

Quentin Guillaume


Badge awarded on 11/21/18

Sunitha Kandalam


Badge awarded on 1/7/20

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