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Guensie Grecy


Awarded badge on December 28, 2018

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Great work!

Small professional guensie Over 1 year ago

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How to build a basic app

Auth0 - Blog

Build Your First App with Polymer and Web Components

Build your first Polymer app using web components, the syntactic sugar for building elements and applications. Learn how to setup a starter kit Polymer application, install web components, use Polymer to interact with an API and authenticate users with JSON Web Tokens.

Building elements in polymer 2


Building an Element in Polymer 2: Install Tools & Initialize Project (Part 1 of 5)

In this episode of Polycasts, Elliott demonstrates building an element in Polymer 2. This episode is broken into 5 parts, links to the rest of the videos are below. In the first part, Elliott walks us through on how to install the proper tools & initialize a project.

Tutorial on understanding App-Route


PolymerJS App Routing

Routing in a PolymerJS application. I'll talk through how to setup routing using lazy-imports, and how to derive navigation based on the pages you created in your routes. Code: Live App: Polymer Slack: @amurdock