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Share the learning resources which were the most useful to you during your process.
Badge List is currently using version 5.2 of the Mongoid gem. So that's what you should focus on. One thing to note is that the MongoDB organization actually took over the Mongoid gem years ago. And in the process they ended up making it somehow harder to find good documentation on Mongoid itself (rather than MongoDB in general). But if you poke around enough you'll find tons of good resources.

Here are some links to get you started:

All posted evidence

Article on Using Mongoid alongisde Rails


Using Mongoid in Rails - Andy Zheng - Medium

If you're looking for a NoSQL option to use in Rails, Mongoid is an excellent option. Here I will be going over some of the basics of Mongoid and some similarities and differences between it and ActiveRecord, which is Rails' default ORM framework for working with relational SQL databases.
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The all internet

But most of it: Stackoverflow
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