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Holders have demonstrated a working understanding of version 1 of the JSON API specification.

Required Evidence


Solve this learning challenge by posting a JSON code snippet. More Info

Badge Overview


It's best to do the Open API badge before this one: https://www.badgelist.com/team/open-api-v2

Also, it's good to understand the purpose of the JSON API standard. You can think of the JSON API standard as building on the idea of REST. (Sidebar: Do you understand what a RESTful api is? Do you really understand? It's more of a philosophy than an actual standard. Google "understanding REST" if you need a refresher.)

REST tells us how to structure an API. For restful APIs which accept and return JSON, JSON API focuses on how to structure the JSON itself. The main goal of using this standard in Badge List is allowing us to make fewer decisions. How should pagination parameters be defined? How should inter-resource references be represented? What's the best way to serialize field validation errors? JSON API gives us clear, well thought out answers, so we can focus on what's actually unique about Badge List rather than reinventing wheels.

How to earn this badge

  1. Read through the about the JSON API v1 Website: https://jsonapi.org (Try your best to read through the whole thing.)
  2. Solve the #Challenge
  3. Request feedback

Badge Experts


Christophe Alain Pagnusatt Rochester


Badge awarded on 6/30/19

Guensie Grecy


Badge awarded on 1/18/19

Juan Ochoa


Badge awarded on 12/28/18

Micah Monticello


Badge awarded on 12/10/19

Quentin Guillaume


Badge awarded on 12/6/18

Sunitha Kandalam


Badge awarded on 1/2/20

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