Frontend App Basics Private

Team Badge List

Badge holders have demonstrated a basic understanding of the Polymer app which powers the Badge List frontend.

Required Evidence

Code Map

Create a Google Doc (or multiple Google Docs) mapping out the various parts of the lit apps (focus primarily on the hub app and ignore non-lit apps). Your map should show what the functional pieces of the app are and how they fit together. More Info

Architecture Diagram

Create a diagram (or multiple diagrams) depicting visually how all of the parts of the app work together. More Info

Closed Dev Tickets

Post links to all of your closed dev tickets here. Your goal is to close one with minimal guidance. More Info

Badge Overview


This is a proto-badge. This will eventually be a pathway badge made up of sub badges for each of the various parts of the frontend Badge List app. But for now it is a work in progress. By earning the badge you will be helping to craft content for the next iteration.

To earn this badge you need to explore and study the code within the '/frontend/app' folder of the git repo. You will need to experiment with the code and ask questions until you are able to understand (1) what each piece of code is for, (2) how each piece of code works at a high level and (3) how the pieces fit together to power the Badge List frontend.

Please note that the actual work of earning this badge will require a dynamic, iterative learning process which will involve many conversations with Hank. You will need to reach out to him and schedule sessions to explore particular questions that arise along the way. It is not possible for you to earn this badge without Hank's help, but you will need to be proactive in asking for the help that you need.

How to earn this badge

You will be generating two key artifacts during your work. Both of these should be created in your personal folder in Google Drive and then linked to in your badge portfolio. These artifacts can each be a single document or multiple documents, whatever works best for you.
  1. First you will generate a #Code-Map. This should be a Google Doc mapping out the Hub app specifically. Your map should list the various functional components, describe how each of them work and how they fit together. In some cases you may want to write a simple high-level description of an entire folder and in other cases you may want to describe particular components in more detail. Use your best judgement. You can ignore third party libraries and other non-Knova specific code, unless it is clearly critical to include.
  2. Once you've finished the code map you will generate an #Architecture-Diagram. This should be a diagram (or multiple diagrams) of some sort rather than a written document. The architecture diagram should depict visually how all of the parts of the app work together.
  3. Beyond the diagram and map, you'll also need to close multiple dev tickets. More specifically, you'll post links to all of your #Closed-Dev-Tickets until you are able to close one with very minimal guidance from other members of the team.
Once you've completed the artifacts you're ready to request feedback.

Good luck!

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