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Badge holders have learned the basics of the UI/UX prototyping tool called Figma

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Solve this learning challenge by posting a link to your figma file. More Info

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(This badge is a work in progress)


Figma is used within BL to create and share mockups of frontend apps, pages and components as well as to share design tokens like fonts, colors and images to be used in an application.


Watch the following videos to get an understanding of the workflow and features of Figma.

Also check out Figma's youtube channel for a collection of short and medium length feature focused videos:

  • Figma Tutorial - A Free UI Design/Prototyping Tool. It's awesome.: 
  • Intro to Figma - Beginners guide to Figma Basics: 
  • Figma Tutorial: Prototyping: 
  • Prototyping and Interactions in Figma: 


Create a simple mockup of a pop-up dialog that:
  • Asks people to signup for a Knova newsletter - add some humor to the dialog
  • The dialog should be made up of "components", including at least these sub-components:
    • One for any text boxes
    • One for the buttons 
    • Any others you might want to create
Post a link to your completed figma file in #Challenge.

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Bridger Zoske


Badge awarded on 1/24/20

Stephanie Caulley


Badge awarded on 1/24/20

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