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Quentin Guillaume


Awarded badge on December 4, 2018

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Great work Quentin!

As we discussed on the phone, your insights here have helped me to understand more about how to focus our adwords campaigns. I've paused all other campaigns to focus our budget on the keywords we developed in response to your insights. I'm excited to see what unfolds. During our next call, we're going to focus on the new enterprise landing page and develop a direct email marketing campaign in order to drive traffic to our sales team.
Small couentine couentine About 2 years ago

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Define Area of Focus

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I will be working on Google Adwords. I worked during 2 years with google Ad at the Villa Medicis.

I was in charge of creating the campaigns and review the results. I was also in charge of creating reports for the seniors Directors and the CEO.

One of my biggest charge of work on this project was to find and update keywords. I was doing an every days and every weeks result for try to eliminate unnecessary keyword and to promote the one the ones are working.

Review Previously Generated Content

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The Adwords campaign is good if we are looking at the CTR (2% is the average - for badge list it's 1.86% for the last 30 days).  The conversion rate is at 0. I don't know if it's because their is no date or if because their is 0 conversion.

  • Each campaign has a specific goal (current one is Teacher professional development)
  • 1.86% of CTR is good and close to 2% ( it's the target that each campaign should have.)
  • Not enough keywords are ban. For example somebody click on our ad and his search term was "Teacher Self Defense"
  • some keywords are too generalist.
  • Too much Keywords and too generalist ( for example: 1 campaign for promote Badge List and 1 campaign for try to touch a specific category of person)

Develop the Strategy

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Using your insights from the previous requirement tell us how you would go about improving the BL content in your area of focus. More Info


My strategy for upgrade the Adwords campaign will be:

1 - A marketing watch: taking a look on how the competitor are running their ads.

- What key words are they using
- Purpose of each ads
- what are they promoting

2 - Organize 2 campaigns:

- The first one for BadgeList. Who will be more general and and will promote the badge system
- The second one more specific and will promote one of our product ( for schools or company)

3 - Selection of a big amount of keywords

4 - After 1 month use the data generated by our keywords and select the one who are actually working and delete the keywords who are not. 

Generate New Content

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Improve content

For improve the content and the result of the Adwords campaign I recommend to create a list of ban words.

From my first analyze this is the words we should ban:
fucking = 4 clicks  ($2.89)
sex = 9 clicks ($5.75)
Relationship + student = 2 clicks ($0.78)
xxx = 3 click ($1.44)
porn = 1 click ($0.57)
sexy = 1 click ($0.29)

All this words represent 8.72% of our expenses on google Adwords on the last 30 days