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Whether you are working in social media, adwords or another content area, give a summary of the content that's already been generated. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the current approach.

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Video Library

The current video library is comprised of 18 videos on the Badgelist Youtube channel. These include demos, tutorials, feature walkthroughs and case scenarios. It's strengths include that it seems to be a very responsive collection - each video seems to address a customer initiated concern or journey and looks to act as a resource for success. It also has a great teacher in Ben as he's clear and friendly. It's weaknesses include the nature of the whole library doesn't seem to have a focused generation of content with educating on competence of a skill necessary for success with Badgelist. It also seems a bit dated in terms of availability of new features and more intuitive routes for different user case scenarios.
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The documentation page is pretty simple landing page with four categories for resources to users. Each category walks through different resources from getting started, to FAQs and integrates links to pages that go more in-depth on any given subject. I think it's strengths are that it seems to touch on each area a new user would likely have questions about when coming to Badgelist, as well as it's ability to tie together different areas of knowledge that can be found useful. I think that its weakness or room for opportunity is that the organization isn't very direct or intuitive and the landing page for all four categories is rather basic.
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Current Strategy

Current strategy:
The current process for developing and growing relationships is a 3 part email strategy. The goal of this strategy is to elicit a response and then get action from the DM to agree to a demo, which will, inevitably, lead to a close.

- Communication is email based. I firmly believe this is the best medium in getting in touch with DMs. School days are short and packed, especially for Principals and Superintendents. Emails allow them to read and respond on their time.
- Content of emails is non-pressured, no commitment to scheduling a demo however it DOES elicit action!
- Emails allow us to include information like testimonials, the White Page, YouTube channel--pertinent info that cannot be conveyed as easily over the phone.
- Emails can be forwarded to the correct DM if we have contacted someone who is not the best to pitch to

- On the flip side, emails allow DMs to NOT respond--So? Follow up, follow up, follow up! Persistence!
- Emails can get ‘lost’ or buried in the inbox
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The Adwords campaign is good if we are looking at the CTR (2% is the average - for badge list it's 1.86% for the last 30 days).  The conversion rate is at 0. I don't know if it's because their is no date or if because their is 0 conversion.

  • Each campaign has a specific goal (current one is Teacher professional development)
  • 1.86% of CTR is good and close to 2% ( it's the target that each campaign should have.)
  • Not enough keywords are ban. For example somebody click on our ad and his search term was "Teacher Self Defense"
  • some keywords are too generalist.
  • Too much Keywords and too generalist ( for example: 1 campaign for promote Badge List and 1 campaign for try to touch a specific category of person)
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Summary of previously generated content

    After looking at previously generated content, I see that the most consistent platform is twitter. Most of the content posted has a call to action at the end that says "come check out Badgelist". Previously generated content is clearly focused on teachers and regularly highlights and addresses them. Youtube videos focus on completing one or two tasks and explains them in easy to understand brief videos. 

  • The content has a clear purpose and audience. 
  • Videos are friendly and brief enough to keep the users attention and focused on one feature at a time. 
  • There tone of voice is friendly and positive. 
  • Posts should be more frequent. (weekly on facebook & Linkedin, 2-4 times per week on Twitter)
  • Almost all of the posts have a call to action trying to get the user to checkout Badgelist. It feels too much like "Sell, Sell, Sell" and doesn't feel like it is providing enough value.
  • Images for posts on Facebook and Twitter are probably recycled too much. New images should be generated for new posts. 
  • Videos could be a little more polished. Professional, but still maintain the friendly, human tone is ideal.
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