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Using your insights from the previous requirement tell us how you would go about improving the BL content in your area of focus.

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• A Category Page
• Documentation Pages
. clearer phrased questions to illustrate a clear solution / answer
- Intro
. needs to be properly named, it's more
comprehensive than an intro
> Overall need a more in-depth walkthrough with screenshots and images from within the tool
• Visual Design is pretty basic, more engaging

I think going forward strategy wise, the landing page should actually be a four category table of contents that is also more visually engaging than simple text. I would also highlight that the 'info' page is misnamed as it's actually pretty comprehensive and that should be known to the viewer to access this page and articles more directly. I think the articles could be walkthroughs that include more screenshots and imagery from the app itself and that the description of 'how-tos' could be more clear in description. I also think the FAQs could phrased a bit clearer and direct in leading to the answer that is provided.
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Video Library

• 18 Videos
• Streamline:
- 30/60 second demo
- full demo
- Specific Features
- More current content (Sharing)
• Utilize Playlists

Strategy going forward
• One idea is to make use of the Playlists option to help organize the current content and maximize directing questions and users to specific playlists
• Tailoring existing ideas to meet current audiences and demand - maybe a 'Demos' playlist that has 30/60/3min. This is a way to focus requests for an overview and allow users and viewers to choose based on how in-depth they're looking to learn the platform
• Creating content that is up to date as well as addresses current demands, features and more relevant user paths and walkthroughs
• Overall production consistent with branding and recording style - focus video on the platform and the tool and not on Ben's face and area of recording
• Keep a running list of user requests for a specific video, potentially create a new video each month based on votes & requests, engage users this way as well as via social media
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2019 Strategy

The goal is to identify key districts where Badge List has nearby relationships. Sample criteria for selecting these districts:
  • District is not currently using a digital credential program
  • District has already introduced a use of technology across students and/or staff; i.e. iPad 1/1, Chromebooks.
  • Districts that have decision makers who have relocated from a district that used digital credentials.
  • Districts who have expressed interest to Badge List directly through any platform
  • Districts that can benefit from digital credentials; i.e. EVERY district!

Combining our research and evidence with the experience and testimonials of those neighboring districts, I will reach out to key decision makers to set up a meeting via email. I will be using a 3 part email strategy to:
  • Make initial contact that briefly explains Badge List’s target values, as well as current, nearby districts/users of the platform
  • Assuming no response, a follow up email no more than a month later requesting the opportunity to visit, as well as request information such as current user base for that district
  • A 3rd follow-up with the above request, as well as requesting a current relationship to contact that decision maker directly.
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My strategy for upgrade the Adwords campaign will be:

1 - A marketing watch: taking a look on how the competitor are running their ads.

- What key words are they using
- Purpose of each ads
- what are they promoting

2 - Organize 2 campaigns:

- The first one for BadgeList. Who will be more general and and will promote the badge system
- The second one more specific and will promote one of our product ( for schools or company)

3 - Selection of a big amount of keywords

4 - After 1 month use the data generated by our keywords and select the one who are actually working and delete the keywords who are not. 

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Social media Strategy

My strategy for improving Badgelist's social media content is below.

1) Follow the 80/20 rule. This is the theory that only 20% of your content should be used to promote the brand and 80% of the content should be dedicated to things that interest the audience and engage them in conversation.
How I will achieve this: 
  • share articles on topics such as education, the future of the workforce, etc 
  • create posts on similar subject matters (especially on Linkedin)
  • retweet followers and influencers who post on subject matter that would be of interest to users/potential users.
2) Start utilizing Linkedin by creating posts (2-3 short paragraphs on various topics that align with Badgelist's brand. Sample titles: "Why the Future of Education is Digital Credentialing", "How Digital Badges are Shaping the New Work Force", etc.

3) Generate new infographics, images for branded posts. I will create some posts that highlight new features, including product UX/UI, statistics, etc. 

4) Create a posting schedule and stick to it. Consistency in posting is important and so is when you post. Especially on sites like Twitter where your posts are so transient. I will come up with what the best days/times to post certain types of content are and follow that schedule. 

5) Community engagement. I will engage with follower and potential followers on Linkedin, Twitter, and Fb via comments. Liking posts and thoughtful commenting can bring the attention to your page and encourage community engagement. 
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