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Briefly summarize the area of content you will be working on first. Tell us a bit about your previous experience in this area.

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Relationship Building

My focus will be on creating more relationships between Badge List and school districts across the country. I believe we will be able to grow in two ways: reach out to those currently using our services and using their experience, connect us with nearby districts, and secondly, good ol’ fashioned cold calling and emailing. Conveying the validity of digital credentials to district admin and personnel will need to backed with research and testimonials which I will stress in our communications based on the studies we have to support those claims. I will work with Badge List management in developing 3-6 month goals for growth and steps needed to get us there.
Experience:I managed a franchise in the Kansas City area providing school photography and yearbook software services to our K-12 accounts. I was able to successfully use our current relationships, persistent follow-up, and intentional service to not only double our territory size, but as well, maintain a retention rate among the highest in our company.  
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Overview of goals and focus.

As the CSM, I’ll be focusing on working through the Intercomm inbox and replying to tickets from users. Through this I’ll be learning the highpoints and features of Badgelist. I’ll also be developing a voice of Badgelist Support - kind and efficient.
I’ll also be working on Content Creation.  I’ll be reviewing the current tutorials on the Badgelist Youtube channel, and working through the Marketing and Training Content Plan. 
Over the course of six months I have goals to generate content that is feature specific, segment specific and admin and learner specific. 
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I will be working on Google Adwords. I worked during 2 years with google Ad at the Villa Medicis.

I was in charge of creating the campaigns and review the results. I was also in charge of creating reports for the seniors Directors and the CEO.

One of my biggest charge of work on this project was to find and update keywords. I was doing an every days and every weeks result for try to eliminate unnecessary keyword and to promote the one the ones are working.
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Area of focus: social media presence.

I will be focusing on Badgelist's social media presence by defining the most efficient and effective ways to engage with the current Badgelist community, and attract new Badgelist users to the platform through creative and engaging content. The three main platforms I will be focused on are Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook. I will come up with a short term and long term strategy for both these platforms by defining the Badgelist avatar, conducting a competitive analysis, reviewing past performances, and researching industry trends. 

My Experience:
I have worked with tech startups to conduct competitive analysis and create a social media strategy from the very beginning stages of their business. I have experience creating eye-catching content (photo and video posts) using Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Also, having a background in journalism I am experienced in writing copy and other forms of content geared towards marketing. I am experienced in blogging and creating posts specifically for Linkedin and Facebook for the purposes of branding content. 
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