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Paid Subscription FAQ

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  • Last updated June 5, 2015 at 3:34 PM by hankish
Frequently asked questions about Badge List paid subscriptions.

What's the difference between a public group and a private group?

Private groups are charged a monthly fee (which helps pay for all of the free public groups, naturally).  Most content in private groups is essentially hidden from the public internet, though the specifics of this are controllable by the #group-admins.  Membership of private groups is closed, so you can only join if you are invited by the one of the admins.  

How much do private groups cost?

Pricing information for private groups is available here:

Can I get a discount?

We offer heavily discounted plans for K12 educators. You can find more info here:

If you are not a K12 educator and are still interested in making an alternate pricing arrangement, please contact us directly by emailing

If my organization needs multiple private groups do I have to pay separately for each one? What are sub-groups?

Some Badge List plans include a feature called "sub-groups" which allow you to create a limited number of child groups underneath your organization's primary group. This allows you to have multiple categories of badges with different URLs and permissions without having to pay multiple times. Creation of these sub-groups currently requires our assistance, send an email to get instructions.

Badge List uses HTTP instead of HTTPS, is my credit card information secure?

Rest assured that your credit card is secure.  All payment information, including your credit card number, is stored by our payment provider Stripe (  Your credit card details are never stored on Badge List's servers and your card details are never transmitted over HTTP.  

If you're curious how this works technically: When submitting your credit card information on Badge List, your billing details are submitted directly to Stripe's servers by your browser via Javascript using HTTPS.  Stripe then transmits a token back to your browser and that token is then submitted along with the form to Badge List's servers where it is used to verify payment.  No important billing information is ever stored on Badge List's servers.