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K12 Privacy

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  • Last updated March 11, 2016 at 1:25 PM by benroome
Please take all precautions to make sure your student data is safe as we design simpler privacy settings for K12 teachers and students.
Badge List is currently developing simpler privacy settings to help K12 teachers protect student data. Until these features are released, teachers will need to take extra precautions to make sure that student data is safe.
Our responsibilities        
  • Badge List will never share any user data with 3rd parties.
  • Badge List will not use student data except to make improvements to the software.
  • Badge List will not create profiles of students.
  • Badge List will not target any students with marketing activities based on student data. 
  • Badge List will take reasonable security measures to make sure that student data is safe.
  • Badge List will delete student profiles and associated data at the request of students, teachers, parents or school administrators. 

Your responsibilities          
  • The only way to ensure that student data is completely private is to anonymize it. 
    • This means making sure that all student user profiles are free of identifiable information. 
      • Have your students create accounts that contain only numbers that you, the teacher, can identify with specific students. 
      • Make sure that students do not add images to their profile that allow them to be identified.
    • Make sure that you have obtained parental consent for all K12 students using Badge List. 
    • K12 Teachers can make their groups private at the cost of $25/yr. 
      • Make your group private by going to the “group settings” page and selecting the K12 teacher account private options.
      • Take steps to make sure you have activated all private settings for both groups and individual badges. 
        • Go to the “group settings” screen and select options to make your badges and members list private.

        • Go to the “badge settings” screen in each badge in your private group and make the members and evidence lists private to members of the group.