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  • Last updated August 31, 2015 at 8:11 PM by hankish
In order to create a badge you'll first have to create a "learning group". The learning group is the home for all the badges for your organization or project. To create your learning group, just go to the home screen and click the big green "+" button in the upper right corner.

When creating the group pay special attention to the Group URL.  Changing this URL later is possible but it will break any previously made links to badges or other content in the group, so it's best to pick a good URL right from the start.  A good URL is short, easy to remember and easily identifiable by members of your group.

After creating the group you can go back and add additional info such as your website, location and logo.  To do that click go to the group page and click "Learning Group Settings" in the upper-right corner and select "Edit Group".  Then click "Show Extra Info" near the bottom of the screen.

Open versus Closed Groups

Open groups are free to create and host and are openly visible on the public internet.  Anyone can join an open group, though badge seekers (called #Badge-Learners) must be validated by a #Badge-Expert before they are awarded a badge.

Closed groups are charged a monthly fee (which helps pay for all of the free open groups, naturally).  Closed groups include more control over membership--admins can specify whether joining is done via an invite code or via manual invitation by the admins.  Closed groups also include the ability to have private badges and the ability to hide the lists of members and admins from the public internet.  Pricing for closed groups is available here:

All done?

The next step is to #Create-a-Badge.