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Education is Worth of Spread....Limitless....Global....

Thank you to the organizers of Global Education Conference especially Lucy Gray and Steve Hargadon for the hard work and dedication. Thank you to sponsors for making it possible and accessible to educators across the globe.  We all know that it takes time and effort to keep alive and spread the grassroots from year to year. It in't just a week that determines the quality, diversity and growth in every aspect toward best practices and issues in education. The conference is finalization. It is everyday commitment to a great mission, and that is what we command the organizers for. I would like to point some of the main things that I have seen from last year, when I became A Global Education Conference Member, to today:* The conference this year showed growth compared to last year.-The existing presenters had stronger presentations.-The new presenters were qualitative and well prepared.-The monitoring and collaboration was stronger.-The topics presented were interesting and informative.-The presentations were interactive and productive.* From the Conference held last year and on the organizers kept in touch through many ways such as: Google hangout, meetings, conferences, blackboard collaboration ect.-I hope that will be consistent in the future.
Best to all!
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We must learn many evidences of phenomenal natural disasters for the whole earth because of human Error which is never wisely to do

Marina Ship which was death of many people who will sail to get over the other island in Indonesia, the Nepal earthquake,are two of many samples overcoming on human error. We must predict widely what to do or not for losing some other.

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On my blog post there is evidence of my Twitter activity

I presented at Global Ed Con 2013 and 2014. I had the chance to talk about my experience as a cultural exchange educator.

Join me on #globaled14 Once you go global there is no coming back @VIFLearn @VIFIntlEd 
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Connecting is must for learning, collaborating, and understanding Via @LParisi inspiring! Iste2015 #globaled15

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Interacted with GlobalEdCon on 11/17/2014 #Tweet-about-it

Enjoying taking part in @globaledcon this week ~ #globaled14 ~ Now listening to @ChristieVilsack "Developing Partnerships" #fhuedu642

I'm live on #twitcasting from my iMac. / #globaled14 Global Collaboration 

Here is the link to my @globaledcon "Collaboration with TwitCast" presentation ; ~ #globaled14 #fhuedu642 #tn_teta 
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In 5 minutes, the next presentation will begin: Here's the link to the keynote, Amy Shaffer, at the top of the hour: ;…
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Giselle Pempedjian @megiselle · Nov 17Going on now: MY HERO presents New Media Technology for Global and Local Activism! ;… #globaled14
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