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Fabiana Laura Casella


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Fabiana presented on "what I have done in the past years as an EFL, Spanish and ESOL teacher"

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Once you go global, there is no coming back! #Present

Being a cultural exchange teacher changed my point of view and my way of teaching among other things. There is a before and after, I can assure you!

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I will make an introduction of what I have done in the past years as an EFL, Spanish and ESOL teacher abroad and in my home country. Also, I will try to show how I "evolve" as an international educator after coming back to my country of origin: the ways I tried to survive in a society to which I felt I no longer belong to, how much I struggled to overcome the cultural shock before and after my experience as a global educator. How social media, my school and my students´work helped me to become global and international once again despite the difficulties: lack of Internet access, no mobile devices and/or computers in the classrooms.Besides, one of my blog posts for Barbara Hoskins-Sakamoto´s Teaching Village was shorlisted by Teaching English British Council´s website top it off, I will include some testimonies (audio if possible) of my current group of Seniors at school who volunteered to give a brief description, here at GEC, about their experiences when they traveled abroad as representatives of our school at the Global Young Leaders Conference in the US this year, 2014. also took part in the Model United Nations: would like to enhance these children´s hard work and devotion for participating and become more aware of world issues. Their participation implied extra hours of research, study and rehearsal, to get up very early in the morning and come back home very late in the evening. Huge work!