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Kari Milton


Awarded badge on April 22, 2015

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Great work Kari! Your badges look excellent!

Note: the two badges you link to that you have awarded are private. When you award some public badges you should add new evidence here so everyone can see how you're doing it!
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Create a learning group

Evidence visible to public
Post a link to your learning group. In order to host your badges, you'll first need to create a learning group. From the home screen, just click "+create" button to get started. More Info

Create Badge

Evidence visible to public
Post a link to the badge you've created. To do this just go to your learning group and click "New Badge" on the right of the banner. Then, once the badge is created, take a screenshot and post your badge image below. More Info

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List Evidence

Evidence visible to public
Post a link to a requirement page that you've created. Learning evidence is the heart of every badge. To add detail to your required evidence pages, click on the evidence item, click "create evidence page" and tell us what you want us to do to earn your badge. More Info

Award Badge

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Post a link to the logs of two people you've awarded the badge to. Badges want to belong to people. Award the badge to people who have posted great evidence and really earned the badge you've created. Remember, a meaningful credential shows evidence of learning and/or engagement. More Info