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Share a social media post encouraging others to register for and attend the conference. Be sure to include #AASL19 in your posting.

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Small aac455f485b1449b62120999b5163327 keray About 1 year ago

Listening to @docspeaks at #AASL19 love that he gave a shout out to @hildakw who I'm proud to call my mentor for be…

Small unnamed debragottsleben About 1 year ago

Author panel on using literature with tweens and teens to discuss difficult topics


Cristin M. Dillard on Twitter

Using literature to open difficult conversations with tween and teen learners with three amazing authors. How can we as school librarians help teachers see the value of using literature to open these discussions? #aasl19 #ALLibraries
Small cmd 9275 1  1 cristinmdillard About 1 year ago
Small unnamed corey-hall About 1 year ago

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Small 233018c0baec19ed2a0e3cce21c50428 mford86 About 1 year ago

I am sadly #NOTatAASL this year (the flight from South Korea would just be too expensive) but I hope all the attend…

Small photo andrea-boltz About 1 year ago

To all of the... Vibrant Incredible Remarkable Generous Inspirational Noteworthy Insightful Amazing…

Small unnamed liafisherjanosz About 1 year ago

I was looking forward to going and am gkad I am here

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Small 3aaf1450 2cd4 4dba 9f49 0573eeca2ea8 elliottlibrary1 About 1 year ago

“The definition of Excellence is - We have to be better this year than we were last year, better this month than w…

Small 349891a6dcf6c66ab2ce19d17f0bbd83 kajadee About 1 year ago

#AASL19 First Timers Meeting

Small 1acc767e f7d1 4980 b1d4 209721b9db18 happylibrarian About 1 year ago
Small photo mitzi-mack About 1 year ago

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Small 48368192 1052958621551216 1672431140889165824 n amyb901 About 1 year ago