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Visit one exhibitor and share what you learned. You can type that here, but consider doing a social media post and sharing that link here. Be sure to include the #AASL19 hashtag in your postings.

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I learned about CoverOne's book repair system.

Small aac455f485b1449b62120999b5163327 keray About 1 year ago

Spent time at the Mackin booth talking to Todd!


Kannan Cangro on Twitter

Hey @ToddMHarold it's always fun to chat #aasl19 @MackinLibrary
Small unnamed kannan-cangro About 1 year ago

I visited Follett and spoke with a representative to lean about their version of the book fair and how it could work in my (future) school.

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Small 1f76fb91 952f 4e2d bb6f 0b32943b91c3 lgreyhawk About 1 year ago

Newseum for media literacy resources

Small unnamed martha-hickson About 1 year ago

I plan on using the resources and curriculum from Find Your Grind. For my 10th grade Crew.


Jillian Ehlers 🍁🍂🍁🍂 on Twitter

Looking forward to bringing @findyourgrind to the #MELSlibrary! Curriculum and videos to help "youth to find their true calling and guide them through big life decisions". "The future belongs to the misfits!" #AASL19 @aasl
Small unnamed jillian-ehlers About 1 year ago

Visited Scrible at their Tech Stage presentation. Learned about all the new features that make it appealing to teachers and librarians.

Small unnamed debragottsleben About 1 year ago

Meeting authors sponsored by Follett

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Small unnamed nicole-erwin About 1 year ago

Visited with my amazing rep, Becky Jackman, at Bound to Stay Bound.

Small 840cde00d48d996a2aeb9dc1cd9a11eb micheleb About 1 year ago

LaSalle Academy, Rose Trissler Samuel Slater Middle School, Jennifer Leyden University of Rhode Island, Professor Mary Moen

Preview aasl 2019 ri
Small a14e99d0ddc43332e9afb2a4663b87d1 jeninri About 1 year ago

University of Rhode Island

Preview aasl 2019 ri
Small a14e99d0ddc43332e9afb2a4663b87d1 jeninri About 1 year ago

Stopped at Follett to learn about Titlewave that I just signed up for and did a collection analysis on.

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Small img 3590 jennifer-altena About 1 year ago

Abdo author discussing new series highlighting African American accomplishments.

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Small 097562e7 8af0 47c1 a607 59cf630cbd30 pittalum About 1 year ago