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Colleen Lee on Twitter

@GRESDragons @LoriDonovan14 @carolynmoul @MelissaTReams @srburnham326 Check out my latest blog post from the #AASL19 National Conference!
Small img 0470 colleenrlee About 1 year ago

Shared my blog post on twitter. I do plan on writing longer articles on Friday and Saturday.


Klaudia Janek on Twitter

Day 1 at #AASL19
Small photo klaudia-janek About 1 year ago

Tweet sharing my "Top Tips" blog post!


Gretchen Hazlin on Twitter

Just went to #VAASL last weekend, now headed to #AASL19 -- while I'm still in the conference mindset, here are my top tips for conference engagement: What tips do you have? #futurereadylibs #NOTATAASL
Small 9cd95432 1e4d 414e a809 607c4433d894 gehazlin About 1 year ago

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Librarian Little: The Sky is Not Falling!™

"What skills do students really need for work? Speaking Skills Top Employer Wish Lists. But [most] Schools Don't Teach Them. Is school where students should learn to speak clearly, make a 60-second elevator speech, or hold a difficult conversation?"( EdWeek) At my school, Webb in Bell Buckle, the answer is Yes!
Small unnamed hannahbyrd About 1 year ago