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Attend all sessions of the 3-day academy.

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Post the dates of the sessions you attended below. More Info

Complete the SOC Questionnaire by June 26, 2015.

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Complete the SOC Questionnaire by June 26. Post the completion date below. More Info


Questionnaire completed on June 24.

Engage actively in activities in all sessions.

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By June 26, write 2-3 key points that respond to the Unit Organizer self test questions and add one new self-test question that still needs an answer. More Info

Activities attended.

The SIM approach provides students with the ability to own their own learning through organization and a community approach to education.

I do not have any unanswered questions at this time.

Complete the products

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Post identified products in all sessions (e.g. Drafts in CER sessions that reflect SMARTER planning or scoring practices in LS sessions, and PLP in work sessions) More Info

I have completed the products.

Unit organizers (teacher master copy) have been created for my six units of Math 8 for this upcoming school year.

Log in to Livebinder and Hoxie

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Successful log-in.

I have successfully logged into both Livebinder and Hoxie.