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I started a Site.

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Still a work in process

Small c43e7cded827d80ccdac84029d114949 jewels Almost 4 years ago

This will be my classroom site moving forward. :)


Haskins Headlines

Language Arts
Small ce2b7bb5ad9e9b792345bcbe037dcabd jamesh Over 4 years ago

Google Site for Student Portfolio! :)

Small fdfbbe65c37d89d2a28c402d6d508e06 lauriebalsano Over 4 years ago

Site for Student E-Portfolio (going to use a template)

Small fdfbbe65c37d89d2a28c402d6d508e06 lauriebalsano Over 4 years ago

My website for classroom

Small c8b813b8c00d507a75c22ae9672ea0e6 ktkinder Over 4 years ago

Wasn't able to go to this session, but tried to figure it out. I made the site for something I'll use this year as I already have a website

Small 47b16f18162b941dab4ddb81d0f5e5b7 msuyenorules Over 4 years ago

Computer Lab Page with Quick Links

Small a2ea439dfd82327a0b9b84fcfeec90ca psaker Over 4 years ago

Sites Rock!


BHA Staff Resources

Resources and Documents for Bell Hill Academy Staff and Teachers
Small 1e02be58bd3c2fad709f40fb85d63c36 norcaldave Over 4 years ago

Needs work, but it's started ...

website URL attached

Small 4789eaa6a65322c483488e55433c9e94 summer Over 4 years ago

Speech therapy website


Kristy McCabes

Welcome to Kristy McCabe's Speech World: Hi! Welcome to my site. I am Kristy McCabe, the Speech and Language Pathologist serving students at Franklin Elementary School and Loomis Basin Charter School. These schools are located in the Loomis Union School District.
Small a6a5eb38e09975b0e6c45c9828be54ba kmccabe Over 4 years ago

My classroom website

Small bd67f1b996708b9a4ffcd1e2e3efb4b7 lorij94 Over 4 years ago