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Sketching Basics


You have successfully sketched the theme of Sketching Basics during days 19-24 of Sketch50. (1 piece of evidence is required)


Maritza C. Suarez


Awarded badge on May 3, 2017

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Great work! Thanks for sharing your evidence!

Small img 2691 mcsuarez Over 3 years ago

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Option 1: An animation of your sketches

Evidence visible to public
Using the DoInk app, Google Photos Assistant, or another gif-generating tool, combine your "Sketching Basics" sketches into an animation and upload it here. More Info

No evidence submitted for this requirement

Here is the link again.


Video by Msuarez

View Msuarez1's Flipagram created on 04/28/2017 .

Sketches from day 19-24.

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Option 3: A Reflection

Evidence visible to public
Upload a link to publicly viewable Google file or a document that includes: - one of your sketches from days 19-24 - your response to the following prompt: "What makes this sketch powerful to me and my community?" More Info

No evidence submitted for this requirement