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Growth Mindset


You have successfully sketched the theme of "Growth Mindset" during days 43-50 of Sketch50. (1 piece of evidence is required)


Ruth Baker


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Requested feedback on June 4, 2017

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Feedback requested June 4, 2017 Requested 6/4/17

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Option 1: An animation of your sketches

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Using the DoInk app, Google Photos Assistant, or another gif-generating tool, combine your "Growth Mindset" sketches into an animation and upload it here. More Info

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Option 3: A Reflection

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Upload a link to publicly viewable Google file or a document that includes: - one of your sketches from days 43-50 - your response to the following prompt: "What makes this sketch powerful to me and my community?" More Info

Even though the curriculum programme I teach doesn't stress reflection as IB programmes do it should be a part of the process.

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Sketch 50 Reflection 43-50

Number 46 is important for me as we need to remember to build time and opportunities for students to follow feedback, reflect and improve. If this time isn't built in students get used to receiving feedback and or a grade without learning or progressing. We get used to being told where we are ...