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Option 3: A Reflection

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Upload a link to publicly viewable Google file or a document that includes: - one of your sketches from days 1-8 - your response to the following prompt: "What makes this sketch powerful to me and my community?"

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I never knew I could sketch. This is one of my best in the first couple of days. I was amazed at how well everything came out looking like it was suppose too...  My friends started me on this journey. I love the challenge. @KathiSueSummers
Small redandgrey6 kathisuesummers Over 1 year ago
This is the sketch to my door to my classroom. It was the sketch that I did for Day 8. It was a tough day as I didn't in the ADE program. However, it doesn't stop there and it doesn't mean that I'm a terrible educator. Magic is still happening in my class. I'm still dedicated to the kids coming into my class everyday. And for that, I'm really grateful to be able to do this job. The best part: when my French immersion students are asking me to put French music (without me forcing it! Seriously! They even have special requests!) and at the end of the end, when they make sure to say goodbye and wishing me a nice evening. :)
Small 000ca61db1d8d1e8c7f68590acca16e5 vjean83 Over 1 year ago

A mix of resources should be used to enhance student learning.

"What makes this sketch powerful to me and my community?"

This sketch (and picture) is powerful to me because it showcases three important elements used in my classroom: technology, literature, and paper. I think it's important for students to be able to use technology to enhance their learning, but I also believe in the good ol' fashioned pen and paper methods. I feel that balance is key. Students love using technology, but I have also found that students can appreciate writing or drawing with pen and paper. Just because technology is new and up-and-coming doesn't mean that other resources should be forgotten. There is a time and place and purpose for different types of resources; using a mix can create an enriched learning environment and keep students engaged. 
Small img 1444 bryan448 Over 1 year ago