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Earned by attending instruction in the SIM Socially Wise Cooperative Thinking Strategy.


Abigail Pastorella


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You may want to take a fresh look at your developed skill. What are your steps? Will they make a mnemonic for students to remember?
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1. Date and Reflection

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Designing a Skill (4-24-18)

Name of Social Skill: Dealing with frustration

*Staying calm when things don't go your way or when people/situations upset you

*Helps us to act appropriately when faced with adverse situtations
*Helps us to maintain relationships with others

Situations where the skill could be used:
*Being told 'no'
*When something doesn't go our way
*When something is canceled at last minute's notice

Skill Steps:
S(ound): remain neutral
E(xpression): neutral
E(ye Contact): make eye contact when appropriate

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