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Supporting Observation and/or Video

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Be observed by your professional developer in person or by video.  Post the observation checklist from the observing professional developer. If you would like to post your video to your credential (by posting a link to your video from Vimeo, YouTube, or another video hosting site) ensure that all permissions are in place or privacy settings activated.  Posted video will be viewable to anyone viewing your credential.   More than one video may be submitted to your professional developer for feedback or posted to your credential.  The video should show the entire model, including the beginning of the lesson, your modeling of the strategy for students, continuing until the end of the lesson.  Follow the modeling checklist below:

Modeling Video Evaluation Checklist of Critical Teacher Behavior
The following criteria will be used in evaluating the video:
  1. Gives Advance Organizer
  • Gains student attention
  • Reviews the previous learning
  • Personalizes the strategy
  • Defines the content
  • States expectations
  • Makes all necessary materials available
  1. Presents Model of Strategy from Start to Finish
  • "thinks aloud"
  • Carries out self-instruction
  • "Guides" self through strategy by verbalizing appropriate questions
  • Performs the physical behaviors involved in the strategy
  • Verbalizes problem-solving
  • Verbalizes self-monitoring
  • Performs model of all the steps
  1. Enlists Student Involvement in Demonstration after Providing Complete Model
  • Asks students to perform a certain part of the strategy
  • Checks students' understanding by questioning about what they observed
  • Asks students to identify the next step to be performed
  • Involves all students
  • Provides assistance, cues or prompts to students as needed.
  • Engineers success
  1. Gives Post Organizer
  • Reviews the model
  • Personalizes the strategy
  • Gives direction
  • States expectations
  • Cues progress charts

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