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Excellent professional development on Informative Theme Writing by Jean Schumaker

Small 1ba5d61b902cd87e3192136b2d0192ff janut1952 Over 3 years ago

I learned much about Theme Writing, which I will share in presenting next year. She made multi-paragraph writing look feasible for HS.

Small img 0056 dcole1962 Over 4 years ago

All of the sessions I attended were excellent. I particularly enjoyed the interactions between the presenter and teachers.

Small ae35d23b3a8e30a558683d4937115545 ehardman Over 4 years ago

Word Mapping

I learned a lot about using Word Mapping, in addition to Lincs, for building vocabulary with our students.  We have not yet trained Word Mapping, but our team members are planning to practice with the strategy next school year in anticipation of training the strategy in 17-18.  I enjoyed having the session with the author, Monica.
Small a07239f89a949483947793d4b01b4f09 jlmeyer Over 4 years ago

It was a great session with new friends from outside of Iowa and new strategies and ideas to explore.

Nice way to reinvigorate during summer break.
Small 9827096dfd68f5dca1f88a01a0b5f493 tblakeslee Over 4 years ago

SIM Webquest by Patty

This was the best session to help me figure out the new website and what parts of it are relevant to me.  
Small a1a054b5fda3d4ffb61dc2aec0be3d56 rosed Over 4 years ago

Informative Writing

I really love that there are different structures of planning available to students within this writing strategy.  This really opens up possibilities to offer students more choice in their writing topic/focus, and it gives teachers more options to support students in interacting with writing.  I also am thrilled by the different organizers that assist teachers and students in how to best organize the information that they are covering/sharing.  
Small ca0903386c5a48db8a2efb950dfbe06f lbell Over 4 years ago

The session on Gist was amazing. My students will definitely be challenged to the fullest.

Small new sim picture mfrancko Over 4 years ago

Scientific Argumentation Routine

This Routine will be an excellent way to meet the ELA standards for critically reading argumentative text as well as writing argumentative text.  It can also be used across several content areas such as social studies and science.
Small d0486fcb5e02e309649790f57898ffb2 syoungers Over 4 years ago


I learned a lot about the differences between the different types of persuasive and argumentation.  I really want to see the book in person so that I can start implementing it in my classroom.
Small 297b5e57c55b70ee9d83b99b973c1359 greenmonsters83 Over 4 years ago

Theme Writing Strategy- Informative

The Theme Writing Strategy - Informative includes 5 lessons. Lesson 1 is a review of the TOWER steps and diagram. Students will learn how to write essays using Compare, Contrast, Cause, and Effect formats. Looking through the "How Much Time" section for each lesson, it appears it might take over 40 days to complete this strategy.  Time is needed for instructional days, for students to research and write essays, and for the teacher to provide feedback for each lesson. The example essay for this strategy is based on "To Kill A Mockingbird."
Prerequisite: Students should have completed the Fundamentals of Paragraph Writing Strategy.
Small photo on 8 20 18 at 1.46 pm presley Over 4 years ago

Theme Writing: Jean Schumaker and Melissa Clarke June 15, 2016

This was a very thorough explanation of the Theme Writing Strategy.
There were no suggestions about how to present this strategy to teachers or what would constitute mastery by teachers.

Virtual presentations should consider lighting.  We saw a silhouette of Jean Schumaker and a ppt that was 99%text, some of which was hard to read.
Small 6a9f0f59bbea6d2911a4882ef23fe876 chrisnoel Over 4 years ago