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Your thoughts on Micro-credentialing and SIM

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Post your responses to the following questions:
  • What are your thoughts about the new SIM micro-credential badge program?
  • How will you use them in your practice?

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Micro-credentialing is a convenient way for individuals to keep track of their professional work.

Small hannah image hannahsacra19 About 2 years ago

Micro-credentialing leads to Districts becoming self-sufficient

I see Micro-credentialing as a wonderful way for school districts to have staff certified to provide staff development for specific learning strategies and content enhancement routines within their district. Another advantages is having experts within the district to coach others, answer questions, and provide suggestions. Districts become self-sufficient rather than trying to coordinate with outside KU/SIM staff development trainers.
Small photo on 8 20 18 at 1.46 pm presley Almost 3 years ago

Micro-credentialing is a great way to continue to learn more about SIM!

Micro-credentialing is a great way to continue to learn more about SIM!
Small d0486fcb5e02e309649790f57898ffb2 syoungers Almost 3 years ago

Micro-credentialing and badges

Micro-credentialing is an excellent way to earn different badges in order to be able to train teachers in learning strategies (I don't have this).  Writing is a very big topic right now in Iowa and our teachers really need this. 
Small me clee99 Almost 3 years ago

My thoughts on Micro-credentialing and SIM

Provides a way for educators to focus on the content enhancement routine or learning strategy that they utilize the most.  This way they can instruct others in their building without having to be certified in all of the routines or strategies.  Effective for any district size or budge limit.  Connects you with other SIM professionals.
Small 1dca93cb8c9ba6eec3ba25c0d102f950 wolkenc Almost 3 years ago

Micro credentials

Honestly, I love micro credentials. I love the idea of earning badges and having them for a reward for teachers who are excelling at specific learning strategies or routines. 
Small img 20170308 181345 cbeachboard Almost 4 years ago


I added evidence to my SIM Regional Conference 2017 and Regional Conference Presenter 2015 badges,

Micro-credentialing is a way to professionally connect with other educators looking for SIM strategies.
Small photo melissa-fazzino Almost 4 years ago


I am uncertain at this point how much I will do in terms of badge completion, but if this ends up being a simpler way of expressing qualifications for certain strategies or tools, then I think it is a good idea. 
Small photo sharon-thomas Almost 4 years ago

Micro-credentialing is a great addition to the continuum of developing SIM PDers. It is more realistic for many teachers today.

Small fb1e567b5c0244700d63c3d5382c3f82 retired6 About 4 years ago

This is a much needed service for teachers. I think this new level of empowering teachers may actually keep them implementing SIM.

Small img 0930 203 tinaspen213 About 4 years ago


I think we will have to work to get our teachers interested in becoming micro-credentialed. I think we will have to require the work, and then tell them they have earned a badge!
Small profile photo maggie_davis About 4 years ago

I think it will be great for people who don't want to go all the way to becoming a PDer. I have tried encouraging people to go this route.

Small b3aa62f8b9ec9d5e5f12057e10436d6c dberlinghoff About 4 years ago