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Complete an evaluation of the conference keynote and at least one session. Post the name of the session(s) you evaluated here.  Evaluate here:   Your responses will not be made public, but may be shared with the session presenter(s).

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Evaluated Keynote and Strategic Math Series on survey monkey.

Small fb1e567b5c0244700d63c3d5382c3f82 retired6 Over 4 years ago

Mathematics Standards and Strategic Math Series

This session was an excellent overview of the Strategic Math Series.  The extension examples aim at teaching students about number sense so they understand the processes rather than just memorizing the steps of them.
Small 3c5548fdc92d646e7637f5a7c76be9ba jaherzog Over 4 years ago

The IMPACT Cycle presented by Jim Knight

Small allison 2015 1 allisonkanji Over 4 years ago

The IMPACT Coaching Cycle presented by Jim Knight

Small allison 2015 1 allisonkanji Over 4 years ago

Poster sessions and Kaleidoscope were very well received. Good job everyone!

Small e7d64a938d1273175a4f40c970dd85dc peonya Over 4 years ago

Session evaluations completed

Session evaluations completed
Small 30a08d3b9dc80f2cb651e87b4d210112 hhsmith Over 4 years ago

Learning to Read with KUCRL: Fusion Reading and Xtreme Reading

Session Evaluation based on half sheet of paper
1.  5
2.  5
3.  5
4.  5
5.  5
6.  Just Right
7.  Absolutely!

This was fantastic and answered a lot of questions I had about both programs.  Thank you!

Small img 0367 whm2378 Over 4 years ago

Scientific Argumentation

Was great to be able to see this routine again and hear from Jim about the research done with teachers.  I think this session could definitely be longer  - maybe even a preconference so there is time to really work through each piece of the routine.  A lot of teachers are looking to use this in other than science classes.  It would be good to have time to discuss which pieces of the routine are really geared for looking at scientific evidence rather than other types.
Small janice spdg.jpg crenetij Over 4 years ago

BID- rocked! Looking forward to exploring the site and looking for connections to the work I do.

Small image elainemccann Over 4 years ago

SIM Conference Session Evaluation for Scientific Argumentation

1.  Strongly Agree
2.  Strongly Agree
3.  Strongly Agree
4.  Strongly Agree
5.  Just Right
6.  Yes
Jan needed a little more time.  The session was great but a little rushed. 
Small bio 20picture danamccaleb Over 4 years ago

New! Theme Writing: Informative Writing

Session Evaluation:  Answers to questions from the half sheet of paper

1.  Strongly Agree
2.  Strongly Agree
3.  Strongly Agree
4.  Strongly Agree
5.  Just Right
6.  Yes, and I already have! 
Small img 0367 whm2378 Over 4 years ago

Kingston's keynote on testing was wonderfully thought provoking. I especially liked the emphasis on statistically IDed prerequisite skills.

Small profile pic juliaeyer Over 4 years ago