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2015 SIM Conference Session Presenter


Shared expertise and knowledge with others by presenting at the SIM (Strategic Instruction Model) Conference July 14-17 in Lawrence Kansas.


Patty Graner


Awarded badge on July 20, 2015

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Introducing SIM Micro-credentials

KUCRL is implementing a Strategic Instruction Model (SIM) credentialing/digital badge system. The system is designed to recognize not only what participants learn about components of SIM but also what they accomplish as a result of your professional development in various routines and strategies. During this general session, attendees will learn about credentialing systems, the workings of the SIM system, and their part in the system. SIM Professional Developers will be guided through (a) how to sign into Badge List, (b) how to upload evidence to their credential, and (c) how to download their SIM PD credential to various sites.

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