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2015 SIM Conference Session Presenter


Shared expertise and knowledge with others by presenting at the SIM (Strategic Instruction Model) Conference July 14-17 in Lawrence Kansas.


Kathy Boyle-Gast


Awarded badge on May 3, 2016

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Shared knowledge and expertise by presenting at the SIM Conference in Lawrence, KS.

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2015 SIM Leadership Award

My participation at the 2015 International Conference was informally contributing during sessions that encouraged participation (e.g., Janis Bulgren's session:  CE and Higher Order Thinking, Monica Harris, "Word Mapping" etc.)  Receiving the 2015 Leadership Award, was the "formal" portion of contribution.

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Sharing my experiences with SIM strategies and routines

The sharing of my experiences with SIM strategies and routines during the conference was spontaneous, during sessions when participation was requested, and during many informal conversations with other SIM participants.