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2015 SIM Conference Session Presenter


Shared expertise and knowledge with others by presenting at the SIM (Strategic Instruction Model) Conference July 14-17 in Lawrence Kansas.


Janice Creneti


Awarded badge on July 20, 2015

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Shared knowledge and expertise by presenting at the SIM Conference in Lawrence, KS

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Increasing SIM Implementation through alignment with District and School Initiatives

A powerful way to increase teacher (and administrator) excitement around the benefits of SIM is to support their discovery of the direct connections between SIM implementation and other “competing” initiatives.  During 2014-15, Florida’s State Personnel Development Grant SIM Project added 3 new formats of professional development provided to schools: Content Clinics, SIM-based Lesson Study and a Leadership Summit for Instructional Coaches and Administrators.  This session will provide a brief overview of each format, how it supported alignment with district and school initiatives and discuss outcomes and lessons learned.

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