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Your thoughts on Micro-Credentialing and SIM

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Post your answers to the following questions.
  • What are your thoughts about the new SIM micro-credential badge program?  
  • How will you use them in your practice?

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I'm very excited about facilitating the micro-credentialing process for SIM and hopeful that it will improve learning evidence for PDers.

Small e7d64a938d1273175a4f40c970dd85dc peonya-ku-edu 2 months ago

I think it is great that we can work on getting credentialed at our own pace and on our own instead of having to hunt classes.

Small 0d737e8c0f3662b9cdf13920cf8e708f cajamunro Almost 2 years ago

Love that Micro-Credentialing has application for adults in the workforce AND students in the classroom!

Small 1f1a41f7d951affab8042634ccbcb90b jillhageman About 5 years ago

Micro-credentialing is a flexible way for learners to individualize their learning and provide evidence of new skills to others.

Micro-credentialing is a useful and meaningful method of displaying a person's skill and knowledge.  This platform is a wonderful way of meeting the needs of adult learners.  Badging allows individuals to advance and provide evidence of educational growth at their pace.

As a professional developer, I see how badges would be beneficial for participants. As teachers learn a new strategy they could post documents of their learning, implementation, and the impact of strategy instruction. A badge could serve as an artifact in a teaching portfolio, evidence of competence in the use of a strategy for a resume, etc. 
Small 5c7d0bfac27f9cfa0aef42d8e5d6af22 gkoenig About 5 years ago

The utility of badges is exciting!

When I think about how to increase enrollment in master's level classes, the idea of badges would be an exciting alternative for teachers who want the knowledge but not the cost and time of taking a full 16 week course!
Small 8eeead1159ba1ff0788b757bac429a91 susannejames About 5 years ago

Interesting concept. I can see how this may be more current in terms of ways to document pd as well as skills

Small 3a68a5ad81d69e750da3a291d014dbd0 akyorks78 About 5 years ago

Micro credentialing can become a way of recognition that works both within and outside of our network

Small 89c52f050f9a12f0c7dc48fd71fffcb2 mbeech Over 5 years ago

Micro-credentialing has the potential to digitally display specific skills accumulated over a professional lifetime.

Small 393a6c7a5373423235f748453bed1dda nanette Over 5 years ago

I am very excited to have an opportunity to share with teachers and instructional support staff the micro-credentialing.

Small bb7977a79118bfd9da5541f8132586aa cougar_12 Over 5 years ago

I think this has great potential. It matches the way teachers are teaching.

I think this has great potential. Badging is already being used in the gaming world. I-pad games for children have a similar method for rewarding students for making gains. The Micro-credential format appears to be easy to complete yet comprehensive. It provides flexibility and adaptability.  
Small d2868eb26222e430947de3c16b0f59f9 probsts Almost 6 years ago

Very excited about it!

Small e7d64a938d1273175a4f40c970dd85dc peonya Almost 6 years ago

We are moving into a new era! There are so many badges and ways to earn them. The support for those less "techy" is great.

Small ce47f7955c4844d9c23609a79ffbc119 holly Almost 6 years ago