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Complete an evaluation of the conference keynote and at least one session. Post the name of the session(s) you evaluated here.
Evaluate here:   Your responses will not be made public, but may be shared with the session presenter(s).

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I found the keynote to inspiring. She sent us out with a sense of mission. It really set the tone.

Small 0d737e8c0f3662b9cdf13920cf8e708f cajamunro Over 1 year ago

Keynote and Flippin Crazy and Flippin SIM

Both of these presentations provided information on how we can transform classrooms and differentiate instruction for students using technology.  These are novel ideas for the SIM Network and need a deep dive into how to deliver PD using a flipped model and how to incorporate technology into SIM strategies (more than just templates).  This is very exciting to me!  
Small 8eeead1159ba1ff0788b757bac429a91 susannejames Over 4 years ago

The sessions I attended on reading, writing, academic language, and coaching all met my identified areas for professional growth.

All of the sessions I attended provided me with new information, strategies, and skills I will use to address the instructional requests of teachers wanting to target specific student needs.  I appreciated learning about the research behind each of the strategies I learned.  Typically when working with districts and parents, one of the first things they want to know is the research behind the strategy and the effectiveness of each strategy.
Small 5c7d0bfac27f9cfa0aef42d8e5d6af22 gkoenig Over 4 years ago

Good informative session on badges.

Small 3a68a5ad81d69e750da3a291d014dbd0 akyorks78 Over 4 years ago

I have completed the Survey Monkey evaluation.

Small 393a6c7a5373423235f748453bed1dda nanette About 5 years ago

Completed a conference evaluation on Survey Monkey:)

Small fb1e567b5c0244700d63c3d5382c3f82 retired6 About 5 years ago

Keynote: The use of technology to enhance learning for all students in a meaningful way is always interesting. Action Research- great!

Small bb7977a79118bfd9da5541f8132586aa cougar_12 Over 5 years ago

Proficiency in the Theme Writing Strategy

Lovely addition to the collection
Small 3f83ef627725bcca6f2661100d7d293e cschnied Over 5 years ago

I evaluated the Keynote presentation from Richard Culatta.

Small f0aff52eac7d9275d999000ec826067f pattygraner Over 5 years ago

Overall Conference Evaluation Margaret Floes- Strategic Math Series Richard Culatta's Keynote Jim Knight's Better Conversations

Small dd436349cd54052a8175f56645bdbd4c hbarrier Over 5 years ago

Word Mapping

Our group worked well determining Tier 1,2, and 3 Words and the best way to teach critical vocabulary using LINCS or Word Mapping. Hearty conversations led to good debate about our selections. I plan to work hard and duplicate that experience for future staff opportunities!
Small 2f26598c9d2c650a321834c86587938a kojile Over 5 years ago

Posted my evaluation in Survey Monkey. You can check since I used my name.

Small f0aff52eac7d9275d999000ec826067f pattygraner Over 5 years ago