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Log: •What went well - Why? •What was a challenge - Why? •What you will do next time •What adjustments you made •Ideas generated for issues encountered •Etc._Post your log._*****Optional: Submit a Student Interview (interview a student about usefulness and implementation)*****
Log: What went well - Why?
What was a challenge - Why?
What you will do next time
What adjustments you made
Ideas generated for issues encountered

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Reflection Log

What went well - Why?
Participants were engaged in filling out the information on the unit organizer.  On the second date, 11/9/18, there was a lot of discussion at tables to come up with unit questions and relationships that I thought worked better than with the first group.

What was a challenge - Why?
The challenge is my ability to ask a question to help students create questions or see relationships in the content that they haven't learned yet...i was just framing out the big ideas - they had heard of these before, but not with much context or detail, so it was difficult for them to co-create with me.  The 2nd group was able to do this more easily, but I think it was b/c I gave them a chance to turn and talk more - they helped each other.  I don't think I was able to facilitate this part of the UO well, especially the unit relationships.

What you will do next time?
Can I give examples of relationships (cause and effect, sequence, ranking, cycle, etc?  That seems like it would help participants even know what I mean by unit relationships.  I'll also ask more questions.  I realized when watching the video, someone suggest cause and effect and instead of asking them to explain how they saw that, I tried to explain what I thought they were thinking.  

What adjustments you made?
From the first to the second implementation, I asked more questions, gave more time for participants to turn and talk and share their ideas and refine their colleagues ideas.
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SIM Log Unit Organizer

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Submit a Log

What went well:
The pacing of the lesson went well and there were ample opportunities for the participants to add information. I also had a clear understanding of the content so that helped when new information was presented that I may not have considered from the participants.

Challenges/Adjustments for Next time:
It was very difficult drawing the circles and I think that took a lot of time for the participants (and these are adults). The next time, I would have the circles pre-populated and large enough so that I could print in them. I noticed that my writing was very small which could be difficult for the students/participants to see or access. I also need to review the connection with the unit relationships a little more closely.
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Log of lesson

Unit Organizer Lesson Log: 

What went well- why?
Because I was introducing a lot of information, I pre-drew circles and other geometric shapes onto the unit organizer for the students that they could just write in. I thought this worked well because it eliminated some time.

The unit organizer was a great way to project the information in a precise way. Key details were immediately visable and enabled the students to know right from the get-go which information to hold onto.

The students were engaged and actively participating, which was great. 

Challenges- why?             
I found it challenging to concentrate on my spelling while ensuring all the students were engaged, and all of the information was captured. 

Adjustments made/ideas generated:
Our group discussed that pre-drawing the shapes would be very helpful to them, especially for students who struggled with writing, in terms of cutting down the time.
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log with reflection

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PBIS/School Climate Log

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Meeting notes and next steps from Coaches day

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PBIS Coaching Minutes Log

Google Docs

PBIS Networking Minutes

PBIS Networking Minutes 5/1/18 TaC: Beth Ciavarella, Ashley Hess, Annie Grabowski Participants in Attendance (and walk-away ideas): 1. Michelle Brand, PGES -behavior data (collect it now, but where do we go with it) 2. Sandy Burns, PGES - behavior data 3. Mikki McGinty, PAHS - dat...
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Using the UO with teachers went well. The UO helped organize the vast information. We also discussed uses of the UO in their rooms.

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 What went well - Why?
Students took to them quickly and engagement was high, especially in my advanced classes. The students use of them encouraged and reminded me to keep making them part of the routine. Students referred back to them during Socratic Seminar and it quickly caught on in the entire class.

What was a challenge - Why?
My traditional students did not like to fill them in as readily and it took some rewards to get students engaged with the device. It took longer for them to see the value of it and some students had lots of attendance issues which made keeping up with it more difficult. While in my advanced class students who missed days used their UO to catch up, in my traditional classes this didn't seem to work as well. I think that many students have been conditioned to not try to do work because it is often too difficult for them, so even when it isn't too difficult for them, they don't want to try it. I had 8th graders who were reading at a 2nd grade level, so I can understand why they might hesitate to participate our of fear they won't be able to do it. 

What you will do next time
I will continue to use the UO with my traditional classes, but I will be faster on the reinforcement of participation. Once it was established that students were rewarded for answering questions and filling in the boxes the students started to participate more. 

What adjustments you made
I adjusted for traditional by reinforcing participation with rewards. I also put the UO on the Elmo and would write words, since spelling was a big hang up for some students. I had some students who still struggled and I would give my UO to them to copy, so they at least could have a copy for themselves in their notebook. 

Ideas generated for issues encountered
I wonder if doing the UO on two pages instead of front/back might be easier for my traditional students. I think it would make gluing them into their notebooks easier. The only other issue I really ran into was time to review and create UO for the classes. It was tough at times, but collaborating with other teachers helped speed the process when time was short as did working with a coach and using the provided work sessions after school hours. 
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Self-Test Questions and responses

·         What current practices complement or compete with SIM routines/ strategies?
The district uses other graphic organizers that would complement the SIM strategies.
·         How do teachers teach and provide sufficient practice in selected SEL learning strategies as part of core curriculum courses?
Social and Emotional learning strategies are part of our best practices and should be provided daily to students.
   ·         How will routines become routinely used in my work/schools? The strategy of a unit organizer can be consistently used at the beginning and throughout a lesson.
·         How will coaching guide our efforts? Coaching will assist us at becoming better equip to assist schools/teachers with the strategy, which will impact the students in the classroom.
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Smart Moves link

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