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6. Submit a Log

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Log: •What went well - Why? •What was a challenge - Why? •What you will do next time •What adjustments you made •Ideas generated for issues encountered •Etc._Post your log._*****Optional: Submit a Student Interview (interview a student about usefulness and implementation)*****
Log: What went well - Why?
What was a challenge - Why?
What you will do next time
What adjustments you made
Ideas generated for issues encountered

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I presented the UO twice.  The first time, my recording stopped in the middle of the lesson!  I of course, did not know that until I went to upload the lesson!  So, I had the opportunity to present it again.  That, in itself, was a positive. I know that, although I am certainly NOT fluent in this routine, the more you do it, the better you will be, is most likely true!  This routine is a little more challenging because the numbered boxes are not all in order.  I have to remember to go up to box #4...the Bigger make that connection.  I feel that I made the connections and asked the participants to engage during the completion of the document. The most challenging area to me is the Unit Relationships/Self Help Questions.   It might be helpful to have a list available of the various ways to look at the Unit Relationships so that participants have some examples and something to hook it to.  I am sure, that when using this on a regular basis in a class, the students would then become familiar with the types of relationships and then be better able to generate the Unit Self-test questions  Overall, the participants in both groups like the UO and could see the benefits to this tool.  
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This is my 3rd year of implementation so it typically goes very well. I try to make improvements to my UO's before using them again.

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In an effort to be systematic I would like to summarize my log of experiences across all sessions. 

What went well: Students appreciated seeing (not just hearing) what the lesson was going to be about.  They enjoyed seeing what lesson was coming next.  They could answer questions about previous units and make predictions about upcoming units. 

What went poorly:  I was working with students with complex emotional needs and some students also had complex cognitive needs.  It was difficult getting them to come up with questions that they would like to add or have answers.  They needed a lot of guidance to complete a Unit Organizer. 

What adjustments were made:  I had to go with the flow with my students.  They struggled to conceptualize this idea independently but when we worked on it together they answered questions and found value in it.  I had to lead most of our discussions.  

What would I do next time:  If this was my classroom, I would work on this continually and I would let the students have more practice at it so that they would become more comfortable with it.  
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Preview uo implementation cheklist
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Reflection Log 2-22-19

What went well - Why?
Participants were engaged in filling out the information on the unit organizer.  They did a wonderful job looking at the unit relationships and connecting them to the content.

What was a challenge - Why?
As before, the unit relationships and questions are the most challenging in this setting with colleagues rather than with academic content with students.  I'm not sure why it's a challenge other than we're trying to look at it through two lenses - how this will help students as well as learning content ourselves.

What you will do next time?
Think of a question to add to the ones there already - again, time was a factor.  After completing the framing routine and then moving onto the Unit organizer, I felt it was taking a lot of time and we weren't going to get to all the content planned for the day. 

What adjustments you made?
To save time, I talked though some of the relationships more than having the participants talk through as much as I would have originally.
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Unit Organizer Routine Implementation Log

My experience was with introducing the Unit Organizer and co-constructing it with a 5th grade English/reading class that included 3-4 students with disabilities.The students were exceptionally attentive with the introduction of the Unit Organizer. As we co-constructed the organizer, I was able to include all students in responding to prompts for input, and participating in completing their individual devices. The students were very receptive to using the Unit Organizer and engaged as the Expanded Map was completed in subsequent class periods. The most significant challenge I experienced was not being able to re-visit the classroom on each day a new topic in the unit was introduced, but the classroom teacher did an excellent job in completing those parts of the expanded map with the students. Additionally, the classroom configuration was such that some students had to turn around to see the screen showing my copy of the Organizer. Because I was in another teacher's classroom, I did not change the seating arrangement.
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My Reflection log for my video lesson.

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PA P2G Log PBSP February 26, 2019

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Each month I meet with the staff involved in the initial training. We review the items listed and discuss.

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The Reflections Log is attached.

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Unit Organizer Log

Google Docs

Unit Organizer Log

Unit Organizer Log: When implementing the Unit Organizer with the 3-6th graders at the North Academy we found different things that were both helpful and challenging. The student's often don't like to write, so getting participation was sometimes a struggle. We found this to be somewhat more d...
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Log for Unit Organizer

The initial unit organizer created I needed to include the expanded map as well as create a previous unit and next unit, which when using this in a training format this proves more difficult.  Mrs. Graner encouraged use a FRAME for the days instead of using a unit organizer which I will do next time in my presentation of SW PBIS.  An expanded map was then created and re-discussed with Mrs. Graner in the next coaching session on 2/1/19.  This unit organizer was created to detail an online course that is being developed as part of our professional development team of staff.  The team would like to use this tool in the future development of professional development activities.  
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