Medium sim ce fidelity Unit Organizer Routine (FI)

3. Co-Construct and Instruct

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Co-construct and instruct using the Cue-Do-Review steps with a group or class. Follow the Get Set section to introduce the Unit Organizer to students.
Co-construct and instruct with the Unit Organizer using the Cue-Do-Review steps with a group or class.  Follow the Get Set section (pp. 28 - 35) to introduce the Concept Diagram to students.
  • Cue: p. 13
  • Do: pp. 13 - 15
  • Review: pp. 15

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UO final

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Cue Do Review

This Organizer was used in a professional development session on Transition.  The teachers were introduced to the UO and had it available to use throughout the PD session.  
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These were the responses to the questions that we completed in the review phase

Preview organizer  participant 2
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Instead of copying the participants' Unit Organizer, I had them write their Self-Test Questions on post-it notes as their ticket out.

Preview unit organizer dibels  participant self test questions 1 7 19
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The co-constructed Unit Organizer from DIBELS training

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From the R.H. & L. presentation - a participants sample of the U.O. that they completed.

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Student work samples of the Unit Organizer on co-teaching approaches, co-constructed with undergraduate college students on 4-3-19.

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I have used this Unit Organizer (and several other UO's) with my seventh grade Science classes every year for the last three years.

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Co-construction of UO 2-22-19

During the training:

Participants put in the details regarding the second subtopic, High power Impact Tools.

Participants reviewed unit relationships and questions to ensure that they should still remain and that they related back to the overarching topic and is about statement.

Participants attached unit relationships to the content.
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Unit Organizer : Second Year Implementation

Small screen shot 2018 05 31 at 11.10.42 am karissalookingb Almost 2 years ago

A participant's copy of their Unit Organizer from the August 2018 training.

I followed the Cue / Do / Review steps when I introduced the Unit Organizer to the class.

Cue steps:Named the Unit OrganizerExplained how the routine helps them learn.Showed them what sections they need to fill in themselves.Do steps:I created a context for the organizerDiscussed the Unit Organizer relationshipsDiscussed the questions on the Organizer.Tied the Organizer content to the tasks we will cover in the unit.
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