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Has successfully completed all requirements and qualifications to be a SIM Content Enhancement Professional Developer.

Approved by Helen Barrier, SIM Professional Development Leader.
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1. Apprenticeship Reflection

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Describe your experience with the certification process. Identify the Institute you attended. Include highlights and useful take aways from the Institute and apprenticeship. More Info

Virginia Leadership Institute for Professional Developers: June 18-20, 2019-James Madison University.

My experience at the Virginia Leadership Institute for Professional Developers was meaningful and engaging.  Helen, Dana, and Jocelyn did an amazing job facilitating our professional learning. The most helpful components for me were the discussions regarding our role as coaches, developing and sharing a SIM overview, and hearing tips from other educators about using the Content Enhancement Routines. 

One take-away that I had from our coaching conversations, was that coaching doesn't work if it doesn't include the principles of effective professional learning. I learned the importance of targeting leadership development in the areas of inclusive practices and coaching support for administrators before working with teachers to learn and implement Content Enhancement Routines. Without a solid structure of support in place first, fidelity of implementation might suffer. 

In developing the SIM overview, I was able to partner with my co-worker to complete the task.  I found this activity to be meaningful because we have been able to use the overview to lead professional learning opportunities for schools in improvement. It amazing that everyone at the institute, including the facilitators, were willing to share materials in order to increase the quality of our work.

I documented several tips on how to support administrators and teachers in choosing a Content Enhancement Routine.  Now, I feel more prepared to guide these conversations by using data as a starting point.  I also will use the SMARTER Planning tool to assist teachers in developing higher-order questions prior to teaching a concept, teaching explicitly, and reflecting on student outcomes. 

2. Co-Plan and Co-Instruct

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• Apprentices co-plan and either present or co-present one SIM Overview and two CERs with an active SIM Professional Developer. • Post: Presentation used (such as Power Point), Planning agenda, Select observation notes provided by the SIM Professional Developer as feedback, PD session evaluation More Info

3. Frequently Asked Questions Assignment

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• To prepare potential professional developers in SIM Learning Strategies to answer difficult questions that are often asked at SIM PD sessions, Apprentices submit responses to 15 of 30 SIM Frequently Asked Questions. • Post reflection about how answering the FAQs has helped you prepare. More Info

4. Content Enhancement Routine Expertise

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• Provide the names of any CER that you implemented as part of your apprenticeship experience • Post evidence that relates to new learning, increased knowledge, and/or skills you have developed during this process More Info

5. Professional Learning Plan

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• Develop a written plan for implementation of SIM in your department/school/division/region/state. • Include initial PD, instructional coaching, and technical assistance for administrators to ensure infrastructure support More Info

6. Data Driven Planning

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Create a written plan demonstrating use of student data to determine selection of SIM instructional tools or interventions. More Info

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7. Any Additional Evidence (Optional)

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• Provide evidence of your apprenticeship experiences that you wish to share (such as coaching data, interview with a teacher, etc.) More Info

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