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Has successfully completed all requirements and qualifications to be a SIM™ Content Enhancement Professional Developer.

  Approved by Helen Barrier, SIM PD Leader (VA).
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1. Apprenticeship Reflection

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Describe your experience with the certification process. Identify the Institute you attended. Include highlights and useful take aways from the Institute and apprenticeship. More Info

Dates of Apprenticeship

The initial three days of my professional learning to become a SIM Professional Developer took place June 18-20, 2019 at James Madison University as part of VALI. I participated in two additional virtual learning experiences. These were held on November 7, 2019 and January 29, 2020. The SIM Professional Developers for all five days were Helen Barrier and Dana McCaleb.

All five days were extremely useful in helping me to understand how to better provide professional development centered upon SIM. Furthermore, it reinforced the ideas of integrating the Partnership Principles and Learning Structures in to professional development, especially for adult learning. Lastly, I really like how we were able to explore how SIM helps with content literacy in just more than the traditional view of literacy (meaning reading in ELA/LA classes). For me, this is key and something to always incorporate in professional development and learning, because it is necessary in helping to understand how to help students become literate in all content areas. 

2. Co-Plan and Co-Instruct

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• Apprentices co-plan and either present or co-present one SIM Overview and two CERs with an active SIM Professional Developer. • Post: Presentation used (such as Power Point), Planning agenda, Select observation notes provided by the SIM Professional Developer as feedback, PD session evaluation More Info

3. Frequently Asked Questions Assignment

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• To prepare potential professional developers in SIM Learning Strategies to answer difficult questions that are often asked at SIM PD sessions, Apprentices submit responses to 15 of 30 SIM Frequently Asked Questions. • Post reflection about how answering the FAQs has helped you prepare. More Info

4. Content Enhancement Routine Expertise

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• Provide the names of any CER that you implemented as part of your apprenticeship experience • Post evidence that relates to new learning, increased knowledge, and/or skills you have developed during this process More Info

CER Implementation

I provided professional development for the Unit Organizer Routine and Concept Mastery Routine during my apprenticeship time. For each, I provided a SIM Overview as well as information pertaining to the specific CER. Additionally, we did a "Book Walk" to highlight key information in the respective CER handbooks. I did find that I spent a bit of time discussing how you can use a particular CER to launch, float, and tie up a unit/topic depending on what fit best for each teacher's classroom. The teachers with whom I worked did find this information the most helpful, because it help them to see how they can have choice in implementation based on the needs of the content and/or students in each class. Within each professional development session, I modeled how to complete each routine and gave teachers an opportunity to draft a routine of their choosing as practice. At this point, the implementation plan for each CER took a different route.

When providing professional development for Concept Mastery, I was working with teachers participating in the VDOE' ASSET academy at James Madison University. The downside of presenting in this manner is that I do not personally work with the teachers who participated. I did attempt to connect each to a SIM professional developer following the conference in hopes the would be able to connect with these teachers and provided continued support for fidelity of implementation. Unfortunately, I do not know how effective this format was in terms of continued fidelity of implementation.

The professional development and implementation with the Unit Organizer Routine felt much more successful, because of my direct contact with the teachers who participated in the professional development. For these teachers, after I modeled the routine, we ended session #1 and the teachers' homework was to draft a routine with content of their choosing. About three weeks later, we reconvened and the teachers practiced co-constructing with their colleagues. Additionally, we were able to have a discussion around any questions and concerns they thought of since our first session. I felt this was helpful in alleviating any fears these teachers had prior to implementation with their students. Following session #2, I visited the teachers' classes and observed them during instruction and provided feedback using the fidelity of implementation checklist. Unfortunately, soon after my second observation and feedback opportunity, the administration allowed the teachers to stop implementing due to them being overwhelmed by other school and division initiatives. The teachers, however, did like the routine, so I hope this means I can begin reimplementation during the next school year. 

5. Professional Learning Plan

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• Develop a written plan for implementation of SIM in your department/school/division/region/state. • Include initial PD, instructional coaching, and technical assistance for administrators to ensure infrastructure support More Info

6. Data Driven Planning

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Create a written plan demonstrating use of student data to determine selection of SIM instructional tools or interventions. More Info

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7. Any Additional Evidence (Optional)

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• Provide evidence of your apprenticeship experiences that you wish to share (such as coaching data, interview with a teacher, etc.) More Info

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